Friday, June 6, 2008

RIP Tom - You Had Such A Short Lonely Life

Well after eight months and some strange weather in 2007/2008 my Cherry Tomato plants have "bought the farm" (hee hee hee..) and headed into the great puree' in the sky.

Tom wasn't supposed to produce and grow in the Winter but he/she defied all the experts and began giving me little Toms in large quanities in March. Tom actually set the first fruit on December 24, 2007 but the real productive part of Tom's life was April and May. And what a couple of months it was. I must have gotten eight or ten strawberry basket size containers of nice fat juicy cherry tomatoes. Not bad for a couple of plants that Wintered over and didn't live in the most ideal (warm Summer days) of conditions.

To see Tom in his/her prime click here or just click on my November and December blog archive posts below and you can see some photos of Tom when he/she was a youngster.

Even in her/his death throes Tom continues to produce as shown in my photo to the upper left. Anyway, here's to Tom and all he/she produced. The ironic thing is I don't eat whole tomatoes. I gave all of these little fuckers away to friends and family. The reports and feedback I got back say they were very sweet and juicy. Tom had many children and he/she will be missed. Here's to Tom!

Now it's on to another shot at some Straight Neck Squash and time to try and cure or replant my ailing Kentucky Wonder pole beans. Ain't Summer grand.

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