Monday, June 16, 2008

Dem Damn Beans!

After three productive balcony crops of Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans in the last two years I'm having trouble now. The damn things are being as contrary as the squash I had earlier in the year. Hopefully I can save what's left and figure it out.

The photo shows what a contrast from last Spring to this Spring. I lost two buckets already to what I believe is blight. I delayed in treating the leaves with one of the organic remedies I found on another garden site and payed the price.

I'm now using a mixture of Baking Soda, water, and vegetable oil on the leaves and hoping it will make a difference. I guess this just isn't my year so far. I did have an excellent run of Cherry Tomatoes. I keep on learning with every seed and leaf.

I've also started another couple of squash plants in two different buckets. It's nearly Summer here in Kalifornia and they ought to do well with the warmer weather. My other garden is slowly taking shape with sixteen corn plants up and running. More on that later.

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