Monday, June 16, 2008

Lakers (finally) Tough It Out Against Celts

Well the Lakers almost blew another one last night. After having built up leads of nineteen points in the first period and fourteen points in the last period they came close to ending their run through the playoffs.

You gotta wonder about the Lakers and their will to win. Here's a team (the Lakers) that comes out and virtually thrashes the Celtics for ten minutes or so and then just goes to sleep. Hey guys, there's forty-eight minutes to an NBA game. It makes you wonder what would happen if the Lakers could play a complete game of basketball instead of five minute spurts. They might beat Boston by fifty points if they could remain focused.

Phil Jackson must be going nuts trying to keep these guys on track. I do have to question the toughness of the Lakers. It seems that Boston is the hungrier of the two teams and the most motivated. Now the Lakers have to return to Boston and win two on the road. I have faith in the potential of the Lakers. What is letting me down is the reality of their play.

The Lakers have to find some way of stopping Paul Pierce. He is killing them on uncontested shots and drives. Damn it, would someone get a hand on him or in his face. He's getting to the basket and not getting touched. Vladamir Radmonovich needs to get a little more physical with Pierce or he's gonna keep eating the Lakers alive.

Once again foul trouble limited Kobe and his defense - and Kobe is a very good defensive player. Pau Gasol had 19 points and 13 rebounds, Lamar Odom had 11 rebounds and four blocks, Derek Fisher added 15 points and Jordan Farmar came off the bench to get 11 so the Lakers did spread the wealth around.

The Lakers can win this thing if they can stay "in the moment" as Phil Jackson has said more than once. It ain't over yet and the Fat Lady is still clearing her throat.

Final Score: Toast 3 - Lakers 2

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