Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Update: Stow the advice I gave about getting potent potables for Father's Day. Thanks to my Daughter and her lovely Father's Day gift I can go out and buy the new DVD burner I've been wanting. Thanks Valorie and much love and thanks from Dad.

To all the Fathers, Grandfather's, Uncles, and anyone else who qualifies, Happy Father's Day.

Forget about getting dear old Dad the Tie kids. Get him a dose of his favorite beverage, be it Beer, Scotch, Wine or Soda and let him sit on his ass all day and watch sports. Dad probably does that every Sunday anyway but let him imbibe and have a great Father's Day. Don't forget the pretzels either.

What is Greasywrench gonna do for his Father's Day you ask? I'm gonna make some homemade Pizza, play some Zelda The Twilight Princess and watch the Lakers/Celtics game. The Lakers are either gonna begin a comeback for the ages tonight and make NBA history or go down in flames. Either way Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads.

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