Friday, June 27, 2008

Hollywood Celebs For Mugabe

You might think that with all of the deep concerns for freedom in the world of make believe that someone, anyone in Hollywood would speak out against the fraud in the election process in Zimbabwe. After all, every time George Bush farts, the nitwits in Tinseltown scream bloody murder and begin trotting out the "Hitler" cliches. Why are these same pillars of freedom so stunningly silent about Robert Mugabe and Zimbabwe?

I haven't heard a word reported in the press from Danny Glover, Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, Tim Robbins or any of the usual suspects. Could it be because Mugabe is a Socialist and therefore gets a free pass from the left?

After reading stories about some of Mugabe's opposition supporters being hacked to death, one would think that some of Hollywood's spokespeople would have something to say. Their silence is deafening. Here's my solution to the Mugabe problem - Assassinate him.

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Burnt Toast said...

Love the picture! Fabulously sublime.