Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stuffing 3 Pounds Of Shit Into A 1 Pound Box

Actually, it's stuffing three pounds of garden in a one pound plot of land. This is my other garden (I also have a container garden on my balcony) that I'm growing and maintaining. I'm pushing the limits of how to condense with this garden.

I'm growing eighteen corn stalks, one huge Better (or Bigger) Boy tomato plant, six Blue Lake Kentucky Wonder pole bean plants and two types of Summer squash. One squash is a yellow straight neck and the other is a Grey Zucchini type. That ought to do it. The plot of land is four feet by fifteen feet so it's really straining to hold all of these vegetables.

I just had two more bean plants germinate last week even though it only looks like I only have a couple of vines. I'm already picking beans and they look very nice. The largest of my corn stalks have started to tassel and my squash and tomatoes are flowering. All in all it looks like I may get quite good production by the end of the Summer. If only I had forty acres and a Mule....

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