Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Other Garden Takes Shape

I posted the picture above left back in April. It's a photo of a garden I have going on a very small plot of land here in San Pedro. The plot is sandwiched between a small cottage type apartment and Los Angeles City fire station number 48. It's probably only four by fifteen feet so it is tiny. Thanks to my buddy Kevin, I may get a couple dozen ears of corn, some pole beans (we've already started picking), some full size tomatoes and two types of Summer Squash.

As you can see this plot of land gets a very limited amount of Sun and only for around four months so the timing of the planting is/was crucial. I planted the Corn early and most of the seeds never germinated. The soil was probably too cool. Now I'm getting good germination. The row of corn close to the block wall is still coming up. I guess this is a blessing in disguise. This way my corn won't all ripen at once.

Anyway, I'll be posting more photos in the coming weeks. It's already hot here in San Pedro so you can say Summer is here. It's in the nineties today so my plants are loving life and livin large.


Burnt Toast said...

Nice looking corn Greasy. Don't forget to side-dress the corn once it "tassels" and begins making seed. Healthy doses of nitrogen will yield better formed, fuller and more fruits.

Man, sorry about the Lakers loss, but as we discussed, I think Boston was hungrier for a title and frankly, the Lakers were erratic and seemed to lack the synergy and energy that the Celtics demonstrated.

I'm almost certain there will be some off-season maneuvers by the Lakers and let's hope they make the right decisions. As for the future of the Celtics, they should probably stay right where they are. Next year, barring any major injuries, both teams should be right back in the thick of the title run.

I guess now we wait for August for football and October for the World Series.

Greasywrench said...

Thanks Toast. I'll get over the Lakers losing. It was a nice surprise to see them go to the Finals since they weren't picked to win anything. They have a very good young Center (Andrew Bynum) who is developing into possibly a great player. Too bad he's been injured since the beginning of the year.

By side dressing are you talking about steer manure or fish emulsion? I feed these suckers with a 24/8/16 mixture of Miracle Grow. I do go heavy on the Nitrogen.

Anyway, I'm looking at some cobs in August. I'm hoping for some Labor Day Barbeque. I usually get a Tri-Tip cut of beef and beat the hell out of it with a tenderizing hammer. Then I soak it overnight in my homemade Terriyaki or Tequilla and Lime marinade.

Thanks for the comments. I see you have some beautiful tomatoes. I'm hoping for the same. We have a mother Raccoon hanging around and I'm worried she and her two youngsters will have at my corn and squash. I have to figure out a way to deal with these bandits without harming them. You'd be surprised how many varmints we have around here in the City. I have to deal with skunks, squirrels, Racoons and noisy neighbors. Not neccessarily in that order. Ha haaa haa...

Later Toast

Burnt Toast said...

Side-dressing is simply the application of fertilizer around the base of the corn. I used to think it meant raking or hoeing the dirt up to support the stalks as they grew taller, which I still do by the way. Then I apply a slow release nitrogen rich fertilizer. If I need a little speed, I'll elect a natural fertilizer like manure, compost or chicken waste.

As for the varmints, I've been pretty lucky. I have a breach in the fence surrounding my garden when a tree fell during a storm, but the critters stay away. I did catch a rabbit out there recently at dusk and he bolted headlong into the chain link fence and somehow contorted himself underneath to escape. It was amazing. Like 3 inches of clearance.

We also have opossum (look for Mr. Baggins over at my blog), raccoons, various bird life and an occasional bobcat. Not my bobcat, but the real deal. I had one walk within 15 feet of me last fall. Such an interesting animal. Oh and deer galore. Saw one this morning as a matter of fact. Like you commented at my place. . .I am lucky, very lucky. I've live in big metro areas before. The convenience and variety is great, but give me a dirt road, a beat up pickup truck, a six-pack and a gun. Well, all that and the occasional Latin woman and I'm good.