Sunday, June 22, 2008

New York Slimes Do It Again! CIA Agent Exposed!

The New York Times has a long history of publishing classified and sensitive documents. Well they've done it again. Three sites have blogged on this today. I've seen it on JammieWearingFool, Michelle Malkin, and

It seems the Slimes at the Times don't give a shit about blowing the cover of American Interrogators and CIA operatives when it comes to pushing their own Anti-American agenda. One can't help but wonder how many American Agents and Military are now, or will be, at risk of being assassinated because of their reckless disregard for U.S security and National Secrets.

The spirit of Daniel Ellsberg and Abu Ghraib continues to drive the TRAITORS at the Old Grey Bitch, oops, I meant Old Grey Lady. And of course the circulation of the Times continues to decline, much to the chagrin of the clueless Donkey Dicks in charge there.

I wonder what the response will be in our Spineless Congress. I'm waiting to hear the reaction of the slanderous John Murtha. He sure dropped the hammer quickly enough on several Innocent U.S. Marines.


dave in boca said...

By the way, when I was in the State Dept, a senior official and friend of Ellsberg told me that Danny boy would send Polaroids of himself with Thai boys in a pedophile brothel in Bangkok. The Commie pervert was proud of molesting innocent kids. Here's my response to your comment on Jammie:

rich b

In my misguided youth, I was on Gene McCarthy's National Staff for six months in '68 & actually threw fish & ashtrays on the Chicago Police from the 15th floor of the Hilton Hotel window---Gene McCarthy was so angry with Hubert Horatio Hornblower for not trying to get Mayor Daley to reprimand the cops for invading the 15th floor & beating up his staff, he sat out the election & THWhite said that was what got Nixon elected. Pp. 307-309 in Making of the POTUS '68. So give me some credit for unintended consequences!

Seriously, I hosted dorkwad Columbia dickhead Mark Rudd in my Ann Arbor apartment & met Bill Ayers and bombmaker girlfriend Diana Oughton who blew herself up a year later.[They identified her by part of her ring finger.] Rudd smoked my ganga & said "Dare to cheat, dare to win," which is Bill Ayers' motto to this day

Nowadays Obama still hasn't repudiated Ayers & his radical "education" curriculum which is corrupting America's Teachers' Unions.

Believe it or not, the State Dept was unaware of all this and invited me to become a FSO in '69 [I was wanted by the Washtenaw Couny Sheriff], so I joined up: Instead of going underground.

In any other country, sh**heads like Ayers & Rudd & Dohrn would be reupdiated and discredited. The Dem Party views them as eccentrics---forgetting their murderous past.

Burnt Toast said...

Well I'll be damned if I didn't just learn something here today. Thank you gentlemen.

A whole 'nother chapter has been opened in my odyssey to learn.

I suppose I have a singular question. This guy is not in prison because??

Nixon and his pathetic attempt at espionage? A judge and the deep pockets of some Washington heavyweights?

Deeper than I care to delve. Nonetheless intriguing.

Greasywrench said...

Dave, who knows what goes on behind closed doors. I remember hearing something similar about Ellsberg along those lines many years ago.

As far as the the shit-stains from the SDS, SLA, Yippies, and whatever acronym they went by, they all seem to have joined (the ones that survived) the establishment and are now sucking at the tit of Mother America making very nice livings, despite what they professed.

I came to the conclusion many years ago that most of these so-called revolutionary assholes were suffering from some collective form of white guilt.

I did searches on many of them and almost to the person they were collectivley the children of wealthy parents. It's the only explanation I can offer.