Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Damn Earthquakes!

Well we just had one and I'm pissed. It fucked up a VCD I was burning. I had to re-boot my computer and ended up with a coaster. The photo on the left is from the Northridge quake of 1994. That quake trashed all the freeways at the north end of the San Fernando Valley and caused quite a few deaths. Compared to that one, the shaker today was like rocking in a cradle.

I'm hearing on the news it was a 5.0 or something like that. The damn thing is with an earthquake is you don't know when they're done. The inner ear plays tricks on the human body. When you think it's done you're never sure since one still feels dizzy. I did.

The best way to know when the quake is finished shaking is to look outside and see if the phone poles have stopped swaying. This was a mild one compared to the Roller Coaster ride we took in 1994. That one scared the shit out of me. Now it's back to my VCD burns....or maybe I ought to wait a while. Fucking Kalifornia!

If there's a silver lining to this cloud I'll bet my corn got a good shaking and that helped with the pollination today.

Update: the L.A. City Council just adjourned to hide under their desks. Tough shit you Wankers. The quake has been called a 5.4 magnitude shaker.


Burnt Toast said...

Hey bud, glad you are ok! The rest of SoCal. . .well. . .

I've never been in an earthquake, a few tremors down in Costa Rica, but never a full-on rumbler. I'd be terrified. I rank earthquakes right up there with tornadoes and cockroaches, the only other things on the planet that strike immediate fear in my heart.

Greasywrench said...

Yesterday's shaker was just a small one. The nitwits on the news channels are making much ado about nothing. The "big one" is yet to come.

It was scary just the same because you never know if it is the monster quake the geologists have been predicting for many years. The quake in 1994 was like being on a roller coaster. I'm not kidding. It just shook the fuck out of my apartment and scared my Wife and Kids to death.

When the big one does hit I just hope it's centered over San Francisco. As far as I'm concerned the whole damn city can slide into the bay. It's their turn for the next quake anyway.
Later Buddy.