Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Where's The T.P.? I'm Wiped Out!

Last night I decided to pull a cork and have a couple of shots of Brandy in honor of the Earthquake we had here in San Pedro (so what if it was centered in Chino Hills twenty miles away) and do a little celebrating. My personal view is the next one could be the "big one" so why not go out in style and with an alcohol inspired smile on my face - as if I really need an excuse to drink?

As Mrs Greasywrench and I were listening to music while anticipating Kalifornia's eventual slide into the Pacific Ocean in the near future, she was sneezing one sneeze after another. She's been doing this for the last four or five months. I know it's not caused by my balcony container garden since none of my veggies are currently producing pollen. We finally concluded she's developed allergies to our cats after all these years.

Bare in mind we have been married for twenty-six years and have had cats for most of that time and she's never had a problem before. So now she's been sneezing and we believe it's probably because of our long haired male Maine Coon mix. Just for posterity I posted the photo above of our cats. One well adjusted Grey male Tabby and two neurotic female drama queens. (were the last four words redundant?)

Anyway, last night she went through our last roll of toilet paper (unknown to me) blowing her nose. I get up this morning and low and behold I'm winging it - there's no poo-poo paper. I'm totally wiped out from last nights festivities and to add insult to injury I have to go downstairs and rummage through my Son's room looking for paper towels, newspapers (the L.A. Times would do nicely), corn cobs - anything to do the job. Jesus H Christ! I can't seem to catch a break.

Luckily for me, my Son Michael had fast food from the corner burger joint last night and they supplied him with a shitload (all puns are intended) of napkins. Thank the Lord for Troy's Burgers. And yes, Troy's is owned by Greeks and they do serve Cokes, not just Pepsi, and you can get fries, not just chips. Thanks Troys.


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Burnt Toast said...

Greasy, I've had cats all my life too and I believe I've become allergic to them, if only at a minimal level. When I am away, like I am now, my nose is much better and after an hour in the house with Bobcat it closes up.

But I'll never give up the cats. I'd rather walk around in a Benadryl daze forever than give up the enjoyment of animals, particularly cats.