Thursday, July 24, 2008

Democrats Respond With A Clean Green Vehicle!

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Environmentalist Al Gore and the Green lobby have come up with what they feel is the solution to America's energy crisis. In the picture posted here the new "Green Machine" makes its debut. In honor of the late great former President FDR, the environmentalists decided to use his likeness to illustrate their newest "high tech" answer to the fuel crisis.

The Green Machine comes complete with a 4.11 differential for fast acceleration and hole-shots and a retro set of G78R-15 radial Goodrich T.A. tires. It is completely powered by an ingenious system of belts and pulleys. Not visible in the illustration above is the optional Rat/Treadmill Turbocharger. The optional Spoiler for good handling is also pictured in the photo provided by Gore's company which is named "Hell On Wheels".

Al Gore is reportedly the designer. He claimed he had it on the drawing board many years ago but his invention of the Internet was a more pressing matter at that point in time so the Green Machine was put on hold. It has a negative Carbon Footprint and also has an optional DVD player. A four wheel drive version is planned for the future.

The Estate of the Roosevelt Family had no comment.

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