Saturday, July 26, 2008

Not Too Bad For A City Boy

I've been picking my grey/green and yellow Summer squash for about two weeks now. I'll get four or five in the course of a week and then the next week the plants seem to concentrate on flowering. Anyway, I've picked four green squash like the one in the picture here and two avocado sized yellow ones so far. The last three days saw about five female flowers on my yellow squash plant that I personally hand-pollinated. In four or five days and they'll be ready too.

Now that Summer is in full swing here in San Pedro the pace should pick up. I've given all of these little cukes away up until now but I'm gonna bread and fry some for myself when I pick the next green one. I give the yellow ones to my Sis and Brother-In-Law.

My tomatoes are starting to come around. We've been picking and eating our Squash for about two weeks now. I've got a ton of baby toms on the vine. The corn is close to ten feet tall (I swear) and I should start picking in about eight or ten days. My beans are the only drawback. I've had problems off and on with them so far. I have picked a couple of pounds of nice sized ones and then the plant quits for a while. Too much water is my best guess. I have to re-design the way this plot of land irrigates.

The great thing is I've noticed so far this Summer is I haven't seen one beetle, worm, or bug. I see plenty of spiders but that's a good thing. I've got a shitload of hornets or wasps flying around my corn but they don't bother me and I don't bother them. No varmints either. We had a Raccoon with a couple of babies hanging around last Spring but she seems to have disappeared too. So far life in the green zone is grand.

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