Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Food Nazis Are At It Again! Screw The Nannies!

Los Angeles City Council member Jan Perry has proposed a fast food ban in certain parts of (South Central) Los Angeles to curb the growing obesity and health "crisis" in Southern Kalifornia. Well God Damn! It seems the hidden message here is some folks aren't smart enough to make well informed choices about nutrition so now the City Council here wants to do it for them. The fucking Nanny State douchebags are all over us again like stink on shit.

If I were an African-American I would be seriously pissed and insulted since the ban is targeted towards South Central Los Angeles. I guess the nitwits on the City Council feel that Blacks shouldn't decide for themselves what they should eat. Why else would they target this part of the City? BTW, Councilwoman Perry could stand to loose a few pounds herself.

It's a medical fact that some ethnic and racial groups are high risk when it comes to Diabetes. These groups are Hispanic, Blacks and Native Americans. With all of the Public Service Announcements on Television today I think the whole world is aware of the health risks of Diabetes. Just give me the facts and let me decide for myself what I can and can't eat. I do not want the City of Los Angeles to do it for me.

It's bad enough that I'm being taxed into an early grave because I choose to smoke. What tar and nicotine won't do to me the Tax Man will. It costs about a dollar-and-a-half to manufacture and market a pack of cigarettes and the fucking things sell for over five dollars a pack here in Kalifornia. Well it doesn't take an accountant to see that the pigs in our Government are the ones making all the money on a pack of smokes. There's an addiction involved here for sure. The addiction the Tax Man has to my money. Now Health Nazis are spying on your dinner plates here in So Cal.

I've predicted this before and it's coming to fruition - as Tobacco tax revenues decline due to decreased smoking, the pigs in Government are going to have to come up with new sources to replace the Tobacco Tax money. This is just the beginning.

Make no mistake about it. It won't end with food. There are plenty of other so-called "sin taxes" that will be proposed. It started out with Tobacco. I'm sure Alcohol is on their radar too. Now it's on to food. It won't end here. What's next? Hang gliding? That's dangerous. How about helmets for motorcycle riders? Ooops, that's already a done deal. I used to ride and I always wore a bucket...but, it was my choice. Just what part of the definition of the word choice do they not understand? Read more below.

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