Saturday, August 23, 2008

Chinese To Investigate Ages Of Gymnasts

From ESPN: "BEIJING -- China was asked to provide additional documents proving that five of the six members of its gold-medal women's gymnastics team were old enough to compete in the Beijing Olympics, in hopes it will end persistent questions about the girls' ages."

Well gosh darn! It's about time! The Chinese Government announced the documents would be provided by.... The Chinese Government! Well that ought to settle things. The Chinese wouldn't piss on the U.S. and the IOC and then tell us it's raining - would they?

First we had the fake opening ceremony with the lip syncing. Then the digitally enhanced opening visuals. Why should we mistrust the Chinese Olympic Committee and the Communists? They've always been straight-up with us when it comes to sports - haven't they?

Well....there was that time in the Sydney Olympics with Yang Yun who actually admitted later on to being fourteen years old. Naahh, they wouldn't do that again - could they?

Here's a lovely photo of Chinese gymnast He Kexin receiving her Gold medal. After the Medal Ceremony it was reported that He (she) went straight home to take her afternoon nap and get burped. He (she) gets cranky if she (He) doesn't get enough sleep. Let's hear it for the Chinese!

Now - if I could only get those names and pronouns correct....


Marbles said...

I bet you did not go to Beijing to watch the Games, and believe you have never been to China, and have no knowledge at all of its situation. This blog is just a narrow-minded piece of junk.

Fueled by the Western reporters and guys like you who have a great tendency and tradition to look for government conspiracy, the whole world is getting a distorted picture of China, the government and its people.

First of all, why did you boldfaced The Chinese Government? None of the things mentioned here may have things to do with the centural government at all.

The director of the opening ceremony has been a movie director. When directing a movie, he can use all sorts of technical means to achieve artistic goals. Therefore, lip syncing and recorded firework etc have been nothing wrong, because the sole goal here is to achieve a great audio and visual satisfaction to his audience. To him, what have been done is nothing but to pursue perfection. Also, these were not intended to be secrets except that the ceremony rehearsals and anything related had been kept as secrets before the ceremony started because of IOC rules. The facts were let known publicly afterwards by the directors, otherwise, you would not have known them at all.

Although the Chinese Government or Chinese Olympic Committee selected the director, it is definitely a false accuse of the government or committee for faking. You may fake something in your work, why your boss should be blamed for the faking?

Communists? I bet you must be over 60 years old. Could you define this word? Have you read anything written by Karl Marx? Have you compared with Marx' communism with the situation of China today? If you have never been there, let me tell you this, it is more capitalism than the U.S.

Well, as for the gymnasts, is it possible for them to fake their age? Maybe. But even if that really happened, it would have nothing to do with the Chinese centural government. It has been evident that the government wants the Games to be a great opportunity to show the world a modern and positive China, to attract the world and to make money. And China is not North Korea and has so many opportunities to let its gymnasts to win gold medals in other games than the Olympics. What's the good for the government to fake the athletes' age to make the country a gymnastic superpower while losing credentials for the whole world? The government that controls the largest population of the world is not so naive and stupid as you.

If the gymnasts were under age, and faked their documents, chances are that their individual behaviors or the local sports administration may be accused, but not the centural government. The rights for the atheletes to take part in international games and obtaining metals may be directly related to the atheletes' rewards and the local sports administratives' incentives. And that's all. For the event in which the country can win over 40 gold medals, does its government care about losing a couple of them so much that it helps the athelets to fake their ages?

Greasywrench said...

No Marples, I have not been to Beijing. I would love to go someday just for a chance to breathe the wonderful clean air. If you're willing to foot the bill I'll start packing.

And my blog is not a narrow minded piece of junk, it's a broad-minded piece of junk so there. But it is kind of cool to have a flamer every now and then. It shows you care.

Whatever view the world is getting of China is the view China is presenting itself. As far as Western reporters, they are apologists for China - like you. The only negative story from them is the MURDER that occured after opening day. You remember that one don't you?

And I don't care if the Opening ceremony was directed by James Cameron, it was faked. Perfection is not the word I would have chosen to decsribe what the director was striving for. I think decieved fits much better.

Why shouldn't the girl who did the actual singing been shown? Because she was chubby and had bad teeth? Bullshit! What part of the concepts of reality and truth upsets you so much? BTW Marvels, what part of China are you blogging from?

Communist or Capitalist - that is the question. Maybe I should have said Totalitarian douchebags instead. How's that Merbles? And how many died during Mao's Great Leap Forward? The estimates are between 14 and 40 million. The world will never know.

Now, about the ages of the gymnasts. I don't give a rat's ass if it was China, the U.S., or the Russians. Cheating is cheating. What part of that don't you get? If an athlete gets caught and loses their medals tough shit. Of course the IOC doesn't really want to know the truth and I strongly suspect neither do you.

If you submit your email addy I will submit all future criticisms of China to you. You can edit what I say in my posts, but, until that happens you can KISS MY ASS!

Ooops, there I go with the bold again.

Greasywrench said...

By the way Markles, you didn't critique my Photoshopping of the young gymnast. Come on buddy - you know you loved it. Just admit it.