Monday, August 25, 2008

If Hitler Had Never Existed...

the far-left would have to invent him. Once again another left-wing douchebag (Madonna) trotted out one of the favorite Liberal cliches - comparing Bush to Hitler. This one is so fucking tired!

I've blogged on this before but it never seems to end. The far-left in the USA never seems to grow tired of comparing Conservatives to Adolph Hitler. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess most, if not all of the assholes who make this analogy are not of the WWII generation. How could anyone who lived through the Second World War ever make this comparison?

Madonna, you owe an apology to each and every Jew, Pole, Slav, Gypsy, Gay, Russian and anyone else who survived the monstrous suffering brought on by the Third Reich. The same goes to the survivors of families of all who died at the hands of these sick Nazi Bastards.

Madonna, do you even have any idea what transpired in the Death Camps? Or is your knowledge limited to the phony mysticism and pseudo Religion you so fashionably practice known as Kabbalah? In a lame attempt to remain relevant you've made an ass out yourself once again. Being a successful fifty-year old Pop (please don't call her a Rocker) singer is no license for being ignorant or stupid.

As a woman who has built her entire career ripping-off the vocal stylings of Diana Ross this lack of originality doesn't surprise me. It's about as authentic as her guitar playing.

So Madonna - until you do a little research about Hitler, WWII, what the World went through and how it suffered, do us all a favor and shut the fuck up! Then again you could apologize to the people I mentioned above in this post - but I won't hold my breath.


Burnt Toast said...

I don't know what's worse. People who make this comparison or the people who fucking believe it!!

This country is in a shambles and has been for decades. For all you idiots who think Obama is going to "change" everything in Washington and undo all the "evil" things Bush has supposedly done, get a freaking grip! He'll be a helpless floundering president less useful than Jimmy Carter.

Sure, cast your vote for change and then line up for a big ol' plate full of status quo. Only this time. . .with higher taxes.

Greasywrench said...

If there is one term I despise it's "income redistribution". It's just code for Socialism. The left is all over this idea. Now paying taxes is one thing, but penalizing entrepenourism by shoving a higher tax rate down the American success stories if just fucking crazy. Look at how fucked up France is now because of these economic theories. "Income redistribution" is what Obama has said over and over.

I don't agree with everything John McCain says, especially on his Border policies but he sure as hell won't tax us to death. As far as Sarah Palin goes I think it was a great choice. I made the prediction on this blog almost a month ago McCain would choose Palin. Hah! I finally got one right. Makes me feel better after picking the Lakers last Spring.