Sunday, August 31, 2008

Old Shit From An Old Shit - Obligitory Rock Post

For some reason a lot of Dutch Rockers hit it big in the seventies. Some lasted Like Golden Earring and some were one-hit wonders like The Tee Set, George Baker Selection, and Shocking Blue. Golden Earring hit it big with this one... Radar Love.

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Burnt Toast said...

Bullet to the Bone is a good one also. I love the groove in that one.

Hey Greasy, good call on the Plain pick. Seems like she has energized, what has been to this point, an apathetic Republican effort for and by John McCain.

As long as the left doesn't dig up anything beyond their own sick fantasies and her pregnant daughter we should be in good shape for November. She seems strong, smart and capable.

And also lacking the "I'm fake and full of shit" gene that Obama carries.