Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hell Just Froze Over (again)

I never thought I would use the HuffPo as a source but linked to a very interesting article from the above mentioned site and here's the link. If you can read and get through the entire article it is VERY revealing. It pokes another hole in Al Goracle and his Chicken-Little bullshit concerning "climate change".

I also enjoyed reading the comments about the article. They were very revealing when it comes to the mindset of the HuffPo readers. So many just can't seem to admit that the Goracle could be wrong. It seems to rock their world.

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Burnt Toast said...

Hey Greasy. I was just reading a blurb of that article over at AceofSpades and I couldn't freaking believe it.

I'd love to click over and read the comments, but I always feel filthy after visiting these left-wing sites. HuffPo, KosKids, Dem Underground, et al.

Hopefully, and I use that word with great caution, Al Bore's scam will finally be discovered for what it is: the 21st century version of robbing trains.

Fat Al is rolling in the dough and loving every minute of it. Even has the Church of England invested in it. Unreal!