Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rush - Time Stand Still

In deference to my friend Brett at Burning Toast who is a huge Rush fan, but also because Rush is an awesome band as I have re-discovered their music in the last few years, here is a great video from YouTube. We play KLOS at work all the time and the station is very much into Rush. This song has some special meaning to me as I head into my "elder years". Yeah - old fuckers can still rock too.


Burnt Toast said...

Great performance there, solid. And Geddy even got close to the high notes he used to sing. Thanks for the props and the music Greasy!

I don't know if I've mentioned it before but check of Neil Peart's book Ghost Rider.

It'll open your eyes into the mystery of the man who is one of the greatest drummers ever.

Greasywrench said...

I've been listening to this song for many years and never knew the name. I asked one of the old-timers I work yesterday with and he pulled it right out of his hat.

I had a great interview yesterday at the Port Of Long Beach about the job. I should know in a couple of weeks where I stand. I have to be a good boy because I know they drug test. No "natural herb" for me for a while.

Thanks for the post toast. Later buddy.