Friday, January 16, 2009

Windows 7 Ultimate Beta Version

I just partitioned my hard drive and installed Windows 7 Beta version that Microsoft released last week. I initially had a problem with DirectX 9 and the screen resolution not allowing the installation to complete itself. That has been resolved and I am using this new O.S.

As of now I am using a dual boot using WinXP pro/Windows 7 Beta. The new O.S. comes with a boot loader so a dual boot was easily configured. All in all it was very painless to set up.

I must say it looks a lot cleaner than Vista (which I hate) but I have only tried it with the apps that came with the beta version. I should have a better evaluation in a few days.

I had no problems once the DirectX 9 problem was resolved and my Gigabite Motherboard drivers and chip set seem to blend right in. I have good sound and video without any issues. I was able to log right on to the web without downloading any other drivers. So far so good. More reports coming soon.

BTW, the Beta version is free although it expires in August 2009. It's an ISO download so you will have to be able to burn to DVD data. Click here to download Windows 7.

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