Saturday, January 17, 2009

Windows 7 Ultimate Screen Captures

As promised here are a couple of screen captures of Windows 7 Ultimate. It has always been possible to capture screenshots in most of the Windows systems by using the print screen key and an image editing program but many folks don't know that. In Windows 7 the O.S. uses a system tool called snip(er) to do the same thing. Here are three of nine screenshots I did this morning layered into one image using Jasc Paintshop Pro.

They're shots of the desktop, a widget panel, and a program menu. I have just been using the O.S. for a day but it seems pretty stable for a beta. The on-line page scrolling is smooth and there is a compatibility button for older browsers. Maybe the Geeks at Microsoft have gotten this one right after so many complained about the Vista version of Windows.

The system hardware and memory requirements for this new Windows are pretty steep. You'll need at least a one gigahertz CPU, one gigabyte of ram, one-hundred and twenty-eight megs of video memory and of course, a DVD drive. The O.S. requires sixteen gigs to install - not all that much in this day and age of huge hard drives. In other words, you'll need a fairly new machine to run this version of Windows.

I hated all of the prompts in Vista asking for permissions every time I tried to add a program or do something the O.S. didn't like. I haven't seen any of those so far in Win 7 but, I haven't added any new programs yet. That's next. Of course there's a feedback button if you need to make a report to Microsoft. So far it looks pretty good for this new system.

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