Friday, February 20, 2009

First Amendment? What First Amendment?

It's been said in the past that The First Causualty Of War Is Truth. Well it seems the first casualty of Political Correctness that plagues our Liberal Media is intestinal fortitude when it comes to drawing cartoons of Barry Obama.

No, President Obama hasn't struck down the First Amendment (yet). But in their zeal to not offend the "Chosen One", some cartoonists have gone on record saying they were being careful (code for fear) not to draw Obama with Simian or exaggerated (Lips, nose, etc) features. Now that's a tragedy since BO has ears that could get him airborne in a high wind. Excuse me, but Condoleeza Rice was called a "House Nigger" by far-left cartoonist Ted Rall and drawn as a negative caricature in many other cartoons. Doesn't the press feel she qualifies for the same courtesy? Oh - she's a Conservative? ----- Nevermind.

What's happening here is the Press in the U.S. have begun censoring themselves. All because they fear stereotyping President Obama through caricatures. Excuse me, but I can't remember a political cartoon that wasn't a caricature. The legendary Thomas Nast comes to mind. I always thought the job of an objective and healthy free press was to lampoon politicians therefore keeping them in line. It was one thing to be in the tank for Obama during the fall campaign but now the Liberal Media hesitate to criticize our new President because of fear. These are truly becoming a scary times.

There is one douchebag who loves to exploit this type of thinking - the RevRearend Al Sharpton. He's been on cruise control the last few months but after the recent Chimp cartoon from the New York Post he got his big fat ass in full swing. He's even called for the jailing of Rupert Murdoch, Publisher of the New York Post. All for daring to publish what was an obvious (to people who aren't brain dead) barb aimed at Congress. So Murdoch should go to jail for having and expressing opinions according to Fat Al Ass Sharpton.

Sharpton needs to spend less time on the Hot Wings and dipping sauce and take more time to learn about American Politics. He's too stupid to realize the cartoon was aimed at the House and Senate (Pelousy and Reid) in specific, and Congress in general. Not at Obama. Obama authored nothing - in this instance, Obama was just a rubber stamp for "The Most Ethical Congress Ever".

I am not blaming Obama. It's the climate of Political Correctness that will surely doom freedom of speech if it's taken to the extreme and absurd conclusion. It seems to be well on its way, especially with the new attention being payed to the "Fairness Doctrine" these days. God bless help America.

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