Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hugo Chavez At It Again

CARACAS, (AFP) – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez reported an attempted coup against his palace by army troops in contact with "a soldier on the run in the United States," but said the government had everything under control.

"We've arrested some active duty soldiers who were in contact with a soldier on the run in the United States... sending messages about a so-called 'operation independence,'" Chavez said in a government-run television interview Wednesday.

"They're trying to infiltrate the Miraflores presidential palace, sending messages to military units located in some states governed by the opposition," Chavez said without saying how many people were arrested.

I just read this on Yahoo. Hugo Chavez claims there was an attempted coup by army troops against him. Hmmmm....this could be one of two things. Either the good people of Venezuela have finally had enough of his Socialist bullshit or....he's laying the groundwork to suspend the rights of the people of Venezuela.

The latter explanation is the most logical since he's facing a likely to be defeated referendum on Sunday on Constitutional reform which would give Chavez increased powers. This so-called coup could give Chango Chavez the excuse he needs to usurp the unlimited power that he craves. Either way something doesn't pass the smell test.

How many times in history have dictators (left and right) used this type of phony crisis to suspend human rights in an effort to grab power?

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Burnt Toast said...

It's funny how the anti-west rhetoric has cooled since the election of our dear leader Che Obama.

These fuckwads have no idea who to rail against with Bush being gone, so I guess they just have to make shit up to keep themselves relevant(at least in their own pea-brained minds.)

Don't worry though, it won't be long before either they or Obama does something insanely stupid to re-ramp up the anti-US rhetoric.

Once a doofus, always a doofus. . .