Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Walking On Water

PINELLAS PARK - Randy Heine says he has surveillance video that shows a man and woman climbing over a fence.
The couple heads right for a sign that reads "One Nation Under Obama." They paint over Obama and replace it with God.
Heine owns the sign and isn't too happy about what he caught on tape.
"To me it's all about racism," said Heine.

Along with the far-left's new found respect for religion comes a new icon. The anointed one (Obama) has, in the eyes of Randy Heine, become equivalent with God. What other conclusion can anyone come to after reading this sign? And, as we are fast finding out these days, when it comes to Obama, any criticism of the President must be racist.

It's one thing for professional Black victims such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Charles Barron to play the race card, but now far-left Whites are pulling the handy little victim credential when someone disagrees with them.

If I remember correctly, the Liberals in America scream bloody murder and piss their panties at the sight of the Ten Commandments and the Stars and Bars of the Confederacy. Fair enough to bitch if it's on Government property and involves the separation of Church and State. Their hypocrisy just doesn't pass the smell test. Neither does their sincerity.

This is private property so Mr Heine has the right to post any sign he wants. And I have the right to post this rant pointing out the lie the far-left live in this country when it comes to their being religious. It wasn't that long ago that GWB was being trashed for his faith. But I guess it's cool again to be a true believer. It's just another double standard that sticks in my craw. There - I feel better now. The link is below.


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