Monday, February 9, 2009

A-Roid Finally Comes Clean Fesses Up

A-Rod admits using performance-enhancers
By RONALD BLUM, AP Baseball Writer 10 minutes ago

NEW YORK (AP)—Alex Rodriguez admitted Monday to using banned drugs, the biggest name yet to acknowledge he couldn’t resist the temptation to juice up during baseball’s Steroids Era.

What did Gomer Pyle used to say? Well Surprise Surprise. Newsflash just in: A-Roid finally admits to what every one in the world already knew - he juiced. Who would have thought???

Several weeks ago I finally got around to reading Jose Canseco's book "Juiced". Say what you want about Jose, he had the balls (even if they've shrunk to pea size) to admit and even advocate his steroid use. He also named names in the book.

Look, there's an old expression that goes something like this "don't piss on me and tell me it's raining". Well A-Roid has been pissing on baseball fans for several years now. He only admits to using because it's become impossible to lie and deny any longer and he may be in legal trouble for it. Take a look at A-Roid, Barry Bonds, Mark Macguire, Sammy Sosa and you just can't help but think their transformation from "I just got sand kicked in my eyes" bodies to super-studs didn't happen from eating Wheaties. I despise liars.

I've been a big baseball fan for many years. Watching Henry Aaron, Mickey Mantle, Harmon Killabrew, Mike Schmidt, Carl Yazstremski, Willie Mays, Reggie Jackson and many other sixties and seventies power hitters makes me wonder just how many home runs they would have hit if they were juicing. They may have partied and drank, but unless I'm a flying pig they weren't steroid users.

I was actually at one famous game at Dodger Stadium when the late Willie Stargell became one of the few men to ever hit a ball completely out of (Stargell did it twice) Chavez Ravine. It bounced once on top of the right field pavilion canopy and skipped out into the parking lot. Only a couple of other players have ever done it again. Willie was the first and I WAS there. It was a strange sound to hear fourty-thousand people gasp all at once at the sight of it. Fucking awesome! I doubt Willie was juicing.

I can't even begin to wonder how many homers Babe Ruth would have hit had he been juicing or playing in a different era. He played some of his career in the Dead Ball Era and was a pitcher with Boston in the beginning of his career before he became the Yankee hitter we all know about. The pitching mound was also quite a bit higher in those days giving the pitchers an added advantage. The parks were also huge in their dimensions adding to the lack of home run production. Yet the Babe managed to hit 714 home runs. In today's parks he probably would have gone over a thousand in his career. We'll never know.

It's time for a whole lot of asterisk marks in the baseball record books. These fuckers are cheating.

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