Sunday, April 12, 2009

Arghh Matey! Three Dead Pirates! Arghh!


Well here's some great news for a change. A team of U.S.Navy Seals have rescued Captain Richard Phillips from the Somali scumbags AKA Pirates. In the process, three Somalis were killed and one captured. Right now Fox News is buzzing with the story. What a wonderful Easter gift for the family of Captain Phillips.

On an interesting side note, the idiots (include me) who post and read the Rants and Raves section of Craig's List have been making some surprisingly intelligent comments. One poster pointed out the difference between the headlines on Yahoo and FOX News channel. Yahoo posted an article with the lead "US sea capt. freed from pirates in swift firefight". Just who the hell freed the Captain? The Somalis? It's quite ambiguous.

Update: Yahoo has changed the wording in their article. It now reads "US ship captain is freed when snipers kill pirates". It originally read as I posted above. It does credit Snipers for the action. I guess someone bitched. It's kind of sleazy how Yahoo would change the text. Hmm....

Now FOX posted a headline about the very same story that was written differently. FOX's headline read "Ship Captain Rescued From Somali Pirates". Maybe I'm nitpicking with the verbiage but I think it's interesting how the two headlines differ.

It remains to be seen what will happen to the surviving Pirate. The possibilities are he will be returned to the authorities in Somalia or he could conceivably be returned to the U.S. and tried here. Should he be tried in America I wonder how the ACLU would view the situation. I can't help but feel they would get involved in some way. Anyway, here's to a glorious Easter to Captain Richard Phillips, the U.S. Navy, and all Christians of the World. To the three dead Pirates - enjoy Paradise assholes!

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