Monday, March 30, 2009

GM's New CEO Obama Is Inspiring!

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Barack Obama has been named as the new CEO of General Motors after forcing Rick Wagoner to step down. In honor of the new CEO, the designers and engineers at GM have decided to re-introduce the Vega and the Corvair as 2010 models, contingent upon whether the automaker survives the current economic crisis.

Along with bringing back the classic cars from the past, the creative minds of the Pontiac division of GM have designed a wonderful new hood ornament based on the ideas of the past. The ornament will come as standard equipment on the Vega and Corvair models. When asked to comment on the ornament, Obama chuckled "I don't have any skin in this design".

A beaming Obama was proud to be associated with some of GM's most noteworthy designs of the past. When someone asked the President about some of the bad press formerly tied to the two sixties cars he replied he wasn't involved in the original designs and commented "besides, it was above my pay grade".

When quizzed about the new Corvairs and Vega autos, consumer advocate and former Presidential candidate Ralph Nader had no comment.

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