Saturday, June 20, 2009

Babs Boxer Wins The Coveted Douchebag Award!

We haven't given out a Douchebag award here on The World Of Greasywrench for the last six months or so because the World in general and the U.S. in particular has had an over-abundance of scumbags.

Making a monthly selection has been difficult due to a plethora of "public servants" sucking at the tit of Mother America and President Obama's plans to bleed the American taxpayer dry. Well low and behold - a winner has emerged!

The June 2009 award goes to Babs Boxer for her amazingly low-class encounter with Brig. General Michael Walsh earlier this week. See the post below for more information. Here, in the photo on the upper left is Babs speaking to the press corps after receiving her prize.

Here's to the arrogant Bitch representing Kalifornia (Senator Diane Feinstein is exempted in this post) in the Senate for showing what a complete and utter Ass she is by demanding respect for doing nothing more than winning a series of elections... as opposed to General Walsh who actually contributes something tangible in service to the United States.

Hey Babs, I suggest you check the latest public opinion polls when it comes to America's voters and their "respect" for our House of Representatives and Senate - they are at historic lows. So much for the credit you feel you deserve. The voters do not share the lofty image you have of yourself and the rest of Congress.

General Michael Walsh had no comment and was not in attendance for the ceremony. He was busy actually SERVING his country as opposed to sitting on his ass in Washington D.C. and posing as a public servant in the Senate. Enjoy the award Babs. I'm sure you have a use/need for your lovely new Douchebag prize.


Burnt Toast said...

Good to see the ol' douchebag back in business!

This wretch and many like her should no longer be allowed to govern our great land. The arrogance, the better-than-thou elitism that permeates Washington should be scrubbed clean.

What would it take for a new revolution?

Greasywrench said...

Hey Toast - good to see you posting again. I'm not sure about the parallell but I seem to remember our first Revolution was about unjust taxes and a "King" who had no regard for many, if not most of the people of the Colonies. Seems history may be repeating itself. This may not be a hot revolution but come the next election cycle in two years some very angry voters are going to be heard.

I hope and pray Obama doesn't dick around with the Constitution to such a degree that we end up with a rigged election. I'm talking about ACORN and other so-called "community organizations" who are so corrupt it boggles the mind. I have never seen such resentment in my lifetime. And bare in mind I lived through the Nixon and Carter years. Two sides of the same coin.

At least Nixon could have been considered a foreign policy expert and not the nitwit that we currently have in office.

Our first priority is to get rid of the members of Congress who can not or will not listen to the electorate. I'm talking about the health-care monstrosity we are going to be FORCED into accepting. That, among a couple of dozen other things.