Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Janeane Garafalo- You're Invited To A Party!

To Ms Janeane Garafalo - here's your chance to "Man up" and face all the angry Americans you slandered a few months ago who dared to disagree with Obummer and voiced that anger during the April 15th Tea parties....

Of course when you disagreed with these people you used one of the favorite debating tactics of the far-left. You marginalized these people by calling them "Racist" and "Redneck" because they dared to question Congress and President Obama's theft of Trillions of taxpayer dollars. Race had nothing to do with these protests and you KNOW it!

Just maybe these people protested because they don't want to pay for the largest pork-barrel spending bill and biggest corn-encrusted turd in the history of the U.S. But in your small and prejudiced mind they just have to be racist Honkies and Rednecks - right? Except when I watch this video I see many different kinds of Americans who don't fit your ugly, racist, and narrow viewpoint Janeane.

So Janeane - on July Fourth you're invited to a party in Dallas Texas to defend your viewpoint and back your far-left liberal bullshit up! Let's see if you have the balls to show up. You sure as hell had the guts to trash all of these Americans when there was no one in the studio to debate or question you other than America's favorite nitwit - Keith Olbermann.

It's real easy to toss out a few nasty cliches about those you don't agree with but to show up and defend yourself is probably going to take a little more integrity and intestinal fortitude than you will ever have Janeane. I'm sure you'll stay in Hollywood where most of the Sheeple suffer from the same group-think. Baaaaa....Baaaaa....

Watch the video below and decide for yourself who these angry Americans are. I see people of all Colors, Races, and Ethnicity's. Men and Women. Young and Old. These people are America and they are pissed! Thanks to Michelle Malkin for the posting of this video.

Update: Janeane did not attend.

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