Sunday, September 6, 2009

Van Jones - Becked Or Borked?

It's official. Van Jones has resigned from his Green Jobs Czar position. I used the term Borked in reference to the tactics the Democrats used on Robert Bork in 1987 during the confirmation hearings for his SCOTUS (unconfirmed) seat. The term Borked has become a verb in American lexicon. I suggest a new entry - Becked, in honor of radio and Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck bit into Van Jones and held on like a Pit Bull until Jones was forced to resign his Green Jobs Czar position. And how did Glenn Beck accomplish this? He merely used Mr Jones own words and deeds. Mr Jones blamed his troubles on a "smear campaign" but the truth and the racist garbage emanating from Van Jones himself were his undoing.

Kind of off-topic but check out the clever little video below. To the older generation it may bring back a few memories of an old TV show - Dragnet.

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