Thursday, September 10, 2009

Marxine "Neanderthal" Waters Does It Again!

Well Marxine Waters has spewed out another gem. During last night's Obama speech on health care she reacted to Joe Wilson's "liar" comment on Obama. She actually had the balls to say "It was just something that nobody had ever witnessed before. We all felt embarrassed." I have a news flash for Marxine Waters - this HAS been witnessed before.

Excuse me Marxine but you aren't/weren't embarrassed by Charlie Rangel or William Jefferson and their creative accounting. Let's throw in William Jefferson Clinton for good measure while we're at it. Clinton getting gobbled in the Oval Office by an intern (sexual harrasment?) didn't seem to offend you. Neither did Clinton's lying to Congress and witholding evidence. Then again, while a Democrat gets a free pass, you refer to Republicans as Neanderthals - hence the morph gif on the upper left.

Marxine Waters and her double standard...
Were you embarrassed by the Los Angeles rioters in 1992? No you weren't. You actually called their actions "righteous" and referred to the riots as "rebellions" and "uprisings". Being embarrassed by the actions of murderers and thieves is not on your list. It's a ship that has already sailed. But then again the rebels and murderers composed a large part of your constituency. I guess you didn't want to piss off the voters in your district - right Marxine? I suppose one could say you're the Left Coast version of the RevRearend Al Sharpton.

Marxine - You are one of the major embarrassments in Congress with your ignorant statements to Oil Company Executives and your support of Communists such as the Castro Brothers. The next time you go to Cuba to grovel at the feet of Dictators do the U.S.A. a favor and don't come back. You can be very easily replaced. Remember, far left politicians are like dog shit in Kalifornia - they're on every corner.

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