Friday, October 23, 2009

Where's K-Rod?

Last night the Angels survived another offensive blitz by the Yankees to take the series back to New York. John Lackey was sailing along until the seventh inning and then the wheels came off. NY scored six runs and just like that a 4-0 shutout becomes a 6-4 reversal of fortune. Where's K-Rod? Oh shit, I forgot. He's in NY too.

The Angels have had good, if not great relief pitching over the years, but last night it became apparent that what we have now isn't getting the job done. When the Yankees jumped on John Lackey in the seventh we had no stopper. Angel Manager Mike Scioscia pulled Lackey for a reliever and the Angels paid the price. Did Mike Scioscia whip out the hook too soon? Angel fans will be arguing over this one for a while. I was in agreement with Scioscia. Lackey had lost his stuff and control. He threw about six or seven balls in a row.

The problem is/was we don't have a stopper anymore. And this is probably why the series will end Saturday. The Yankees just keep coming back and the Angels can't do a damn thing about it. The Yankees almost pulled the game out in the ninth inning with another comeback. The Angels have a potent offense but it's not enough. We can't/don't match up hitter-for-hitter against the Yankees. The Yankees have three great clutch hitters in Posada, A-Rod, and Jeeter. I'm a die-hard fan and will watch with great interest game six but without a 2009 version of K-Rod, Troy Percival, Minnie Rojas ____________ fill in the blank line with your favorite Angel great reliever, we're up against it.


Winfred Mann said...

LAA played a great game last night, but can they manage to best the NYY at home?

Greasywrench said...

I just don't think they have the firepower. As it was they barely escaped Anaheim last night. Yankee Stadium is gonna be a snakepit. All in all it's been a good year for sports here in L.A. and October is the one month out of the year when all the major pro sports come together. We've got Hockey getting started, the NBA preseason is cracking, the World Series and NO football. I guess I'll stick with the Manning brothers. I do like Indy and NY Giants. All in all this is my favorite time of the year.