Monday, October 26, 2009

Congrats To The Yankees

Last night the Los Angeles Angels brought a knife to a gunfight with predictable results. Too many errors and too little offense didn't get the job done. The Angels had a great season and will be back better than ever next Year. I do hope they don't panic in Anaheim and start trying to fix what isn't broken - IOW don't fire the manager and coaches. The Angles need a little more pitching and another long-ball hitter in case Vladimir Guerrero decides to head for greener pastures.

So congratulations to the NY Yankees for winning the American League Pennant. They are/were the better team and they deserve to be in the World Series.


Winfred Mann said...

The Angels were a tough team to best.

Burnt Toast said...

Greasy, I was really pulling for the Angels this year after the tragedy of Nick Adenhart's untimely death.

It's been far too long since we've had a good Angels team and frankly I may start looking for another team to root for considering my Atlanta Braves don't want to spend what it takes to win after selling out to corporate giant Liberty Media.

Yeah I know, Turner used to own them, but at least you could count on that jackass to keep things interesting.

Anyway, in this World Series? Go Phillies!

Holy shit, did I just say that??