Monday, October 26, 2009

Dog And Pony Show # 714

Well that Giant of American journalism and "diplomacy", Sean Penn, is at it again. He's off to Cuba for an eye-opening interview with (hopefully) Fidel Castro. Once again, one of Hollywood's premiere Useful Idiots will allow himself to be paraded around one of the last of the World's failing Communist regimes and look to perpetuate more propaganda success stories.

As they so often do, the far-left in Hollywood (and some members of Congress) continue to grovel and be duped by Fidel Castro. These people include Danny Glover, Oliver Stone, Marxine Waters, Brian DePalma, Michael Moore..... the list of these fools goes on and on. And why is Danny Glover, who was a champion against the Apartheid system in South Africa a fan of Castro? Castro's Cuba is an extremely racist State. I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume these are reasonably intelligent people (Marxine Waters excluded) who are blinding themselves in the name of ideology. Then again a wise man once said "stupid is as stupid does".

After a lifetime of reading and seeing stories of Cuban refugees floating on inner tubes, stowing away on ships, defecting during the Olympics and other sporting events, etc..., I just don't understand the Hollywood fascination with Fidel Castro. There are far more interesting stories of bravery and desperation to be told coming from the REAL people of Cuba rather than anything the Castro Brothers have to say. A great American movie has yet to be produced telling their tales. And yet we still have fools who travel to Cuba looking for success stories when the most interesting and true successes are the stories of the people who escaped from Castro's Cuba and risked their lives to come to America. When will Hollywood tell their story?

Thanks to Jammie Wearing Fool for the heads-up. And thanks to for providing links this morning to this and other interesting Hollywood/Liberal douchebaggery.

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