Thursday, October 8, 2009

Marxine Waters - "They Did it Too"

Fresh garbage from the Sage Douche of South Central.... (apologies to Larry Elder)

“Many members” of Congress suffer from the same disclosure issues as Rep. Charles Rangel (D.N.Y.), one of his allies said Wednesday.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) downplayed the seriousness of allegations against Rangel that he failed to disclose sources of income and pay taxes on some properties, saying that many lawmakers suffer from innocent lapses in judgment when filing mandatory financial disclosure forms.

“I want to tell you, there are many members who, if you go back over all of their records, over all of the years, you’re going to find that there were disclosures that were not made,” Waters said during an appearance on MSNBC Wednesday morning.

Marxine puked up this huge gem of a justification when referring to Cholly Rangel's problems with math. She responded by using an excuse we all probably used as children more than once. When confronted with Rangel's financial shenanigans she simply confessed that other members of Congress have "done it too" at one time or another. Isn't this the way a five-year old child responds when caught with their hand in the cookie jar? And this idiot is in Congress?

Outside of Nazi Pelousy, Harry Reid, John Murtha, and a couple of hundred other members of Congress, Marxine has to be the number one nitwit in Politics. Pay attention to some of the creative English used in referring to Rangel's lack of accountability. Terms such as...

  • suffer from innocent lapses
  • disclosures that were not made
  • lapses in judgement
  • failed to disclose
  • disclosure issues
Isn't all the Pretzel Logic and semantical gymnastics above just a creative way of excusing dishonest behavior? And of course the most ethical Congress ever voted NOT to remove Rangel from the House Ways and Means Committee Chairmanship. I'm finding it harder and harder to capitalize the word Congress in my rants these days. They just don't deserve the respect. BTW, I hope Marxine doesn't decide to "probe" me for disagreeing with her support of a crook.

Thanks to Michelle Malkin for the link below.

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