Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fun With Photos - Keith Olbermann Enjoys Some "Quiet Time" And Leisure Moments At Home

Thanks to OlbermannWatch.Com, some of their Photoshopping, and a few lovely political photos inserted by The World Of Greasywrench, we can now visualize Keith Olbermann in one of his unguarded and leisure moments at home.

Imagine this... Here's Keith in a candid photo snapped last week by our very favorite Paparazzi Semore Butts. In this shot he's seen relaxing in his den/study at home with some framed photos of his most excellent political idols and World leaders on the wall. Click the photo to enlarge.

When later the same week, Olbermann was spotted walking in West Hollywood by I.P. Freely, one of our Ace reporters from The World Of Greasywrench, he was quizzed about the contents of the candid photo. Keith naughtily threatened to give the reporter a "severe tongue lashing". Then Olbermann promptly pranced back onto Santa Monica Blvd and disappeared down the street in anticipation of some hearty teabagging and delicious fun in the lovely area of West Hollywood known as "Boy's Town".

PMS-NBC must be so proud of Olbermann and what he's done for/to their viewer ratings. We also feel compelled to mention that Keith is also a past recipient of the coveted Double Douchebag Award occasionally given out on The World Of Greasywrench.

Note: We don't use Photoshop in The World Of Greasywrench. The Photoshopping was done by We use Paintshop Pro. It's cheaper.


Winfred Mann said...

But doesn't Sloberman provide unbiased news reporting to his extreme leftist followers that hate America?

How's that whore that he helped get a job @ PMSNBC because she was willing to screw his fattiness? Which has poorer taste?

How could any station pay this factually-challenged scum-bucket to appear. He's ruining the football show, imbecile that he is.

Greasywrench said...

MSNBC is desperate. That's the only explanation for Olby. As far as ruining the NFL broadcasts - that's a ship that sailed long ago. I go back to Dandy Don and the Keith Jackson era Winfred. MNF hasn't been the same since. I never watch the NBC show, especially since Olby slinked his slimy ass in there.

I did like the broadcast ABC did back in the eighties when they turned off the sound and we didn't have to listen to announcers. They got it right that night.

Anyway, since the Rams left L.A. I usually only watch the pros when it's a Manning brother, Brett Favre, or Kurt Warner doing the Quarterbacking. I can't stand anyone else.

Assholes like Terrell Owens and Randy Moss, among others have ruined pro football for me.