Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lil' Bow Wow

Mmm mmm mmm... Barack Hussein Obowma!

Obowma is at it again. Bowing and scraping before another world leader in violation of previous Presidential protocols. Well Jesus H. Christ! You can dress Obowma up but you sure as Hell can't take him anywhere. Click image to enlarge.

Let's see how Robert Gibbs and the Obowma spinmasters handle this one. Here are some possible explanations from Gibbs at the next White House news conference explaining Obowma's latest diplomatic gaffe....
  • "Cuz" he liked them so much, Obama was admiring the lovely black penny-loafers of the Emperor.
  • His Hemorrhoids were acting up and he didn't pack the Preperation-H, so he wanted some fast acting relief.
  • Obama spotted an Oriental Cockroach and was about to step on it.
  • Due to rough and kinky sex with Michelle the previous night Obama couldn't straighten up.
  • Barack dropped a "big fat joint" and was just looking for it before the Emperor found his "stash".
  • Our Afghanistan war strategy was stenciled onto his shoes so Obama wouldn't forget when discussing it with the Emperor.
  • Without a teleprompter, his notes were cleverly sewn into the pattern of the carpet fabric so he could remember what to say.
  • The Presidential beans were giving him gas and he just "cut a big fat juicy fart".

The possibilities are endless and Robert Gibbs is a world class liar. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how the pantloads in the White House Rose Garden spin this one. It ought to be pretty good.

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Winfred Mann said...

The asshole in chief strikes again.

Can we have a recall election, yet?