Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Olbermann Joins Cast Of Dancing With The Tsars!

No - that's not a typo. ABC has announced a new run of dance segments in honor of the Obama administration's Tsars. Of course the new segments will highlight a Russian theme featuring.... Tsars!

The first celebrity segment will feature PMS-NBC's Keith Olbermann in full regalia. When he announced his participation Olbermann was giddy and ecstatic. Olbermann said "I feel so in touch with my feminine side when I dance". The producers of Dancing With The Tsars were not sure if they should pair Olbermann with a woman or a man for a dancing partner so they decided to match him up with Janet Napolitano. "That way, we'll be safe" said producer Seymore Butts.

In the photo on the upper left, Olby is featured wearing his favorite "Daisy Dukes" along with a keen pair of Argyle socks and a pair of his most lovely Oxford shoes for his dance segment. "The little fringe thingy was all my idea" giggled Olbermann as he hummed "I Enjoy Being A Girl", one of his favorite tunes from the motion picture "Flower Drum Song".

Olbermann was quoted by a "friend" as saying "All of this talk of teabagging has got me feeling so silly and excited. I just had to be on the show". After filming his first segment on Dancing With The Tsars Olby was last seen heading out to West Hollywood for a night of "clubbing" and zany fun.

Good luck Keith on Dancing With The Tsars. Here's a big "shout out" for Janet Napolitano too. You guys, gals, folks, look great together. You're a perfect match. And since you're so obsessed with them, watch out for those Teabaggers in West Hollywood Keith or you might end up being the cup instead of the teabag!

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Winfred Mann said...

Sloberman packs too much fat to dance in skimpy outfit. How's his slut girlfriend doing these days?