Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ask A Stupid Question - Get A Smart Answer

So this happened in Massachusetts. I'm not surprised. They're the East Coast version of the Left Coast nowadays. Or is it the Left Coast of the Right Coast? Or is it "who's on first"? Fuck it! You know what I mean. Here's the story.....

One eight-year-old in Taunton just learned a valuable lesson in political correctness, and a school district may wind up learning a little something about free speech, religious expression, and not asking questions to which one does not want to hear the answers. An elementary school student was asked to draw something that reminded him of Christmas. When he drew a picture of Jesus on a crucifix, the teacher and the administration recoiled in horror at the “violent image.”

One would think that anyone, especially a teacher, who asked a subjective question would expect a subjective answer. Of course in today's Politically Correct times the answer may not always be what that very same teacher would expect - especially in a religious context. Are you surprised that an eight-year old would be wise enough to interpret or understand one of Christianity's most iconic images? This teacher was. And evidently if frightened him/her.

The main point here is an eight-year old child seemed to know that Christmas is about Christ. Apparently the teacher was unwilling or unable to grasp that simple fact. It's obvious the Teacher was looking for a secular answer to a religious question. Smells like a progressive to me.

The Thought Police in this school, as Tammy Bruce so eloquently refers to them, didn't expect a young student to draw a picture of the Crucifixion. I can't say a picture of Santa Claus or Christmas trees would probably be any more acceptable since they too have been under fire from the ACLU and other progressives for years now. I wonder if the reaction would have been the same if a Muslim student had drawn a Crescent Moon and Star if asked a similar type of question regarding Islam? My guess is no.

What's a Christian to do when asked such a question? Even a child? Draw a pretty blue ribbon and a gift wrapped box maybe? Political Correctness is infecting the USA and may someday prove to be fatal if this kind of shit keeps up. Christmas is about the birth of Christ. It's not Rocket Science. If an eight-year old child is sophisticated enough to understand this simple fact, it should be obvious to anyone with an elementary understanding of the true meaning of the Christmas Holiday.

Progressives have been bending over backwards for years in a misguided and condescending attempt to protect Islam and most things Muslim and all the while they often display contempt and disdain for Christian Holidays such as Easter, Palm Sunday, and Christmas. And in this case recoiling in horror at "violent" images of Jesus on the cross.

Once again the Dhimmi rear their ugly and PC heads. Their hypocrisy and dualism is breathtaking stupid! And I wonder if the ACLU, those guardians of religious freedom will weigh in on this one. I'm not holding my breath.

From hotair.com

From Michelle Malkin.com

Let's see if this story makes it to the Lame Stream Media. Any bets? I'm giving odds if anyone cares to wager.

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