Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Fun With Jasc Paintshop Pro & Celebrities

There's nothing more fun than poking fun at Politicians and the Entertainment industry. It's great fun to lampoon their self-righteous outlook towards anyone and anything that doesn't fit in with their narrow and arrogant attitudes. Attitudes aimed at Conservatives and anyone else they disagree with . They're such a rich and endless source of material I could do a thousand posts like this one each day and still not run out of ideas.

And I can't wait to get at that nasty looking hag Janeane Garofalo. The next time Janeane calls some Conservative a Nazi, Redneck, Racist or Retarded for simply disagreeing with her, it's on! Hollywood, along with Janeane, is defiantly a target rich environment. BTW Janeane, have you ever considered a bottle of Head N Shoulders Shampoo? It works quite well and smells great.

Since I've been in a Manic phase the last few weeks there will be more to come from the The World Of Greasywrench. I just have to wait for some douchebag in the above categories to say or do something ridiculous and provide me some fresh material. I'm sure it's happening right now as I type.

My photo editing skills are, to say the least, quite primitive. But it's the thought that counts. But it's always fun to keep trying to ridicule these people and in the process try and improve my image editing. Not having a talk show or any type of political pulpit makes blogging a great alternative.

Here, in the photo on the upper left, I've targeted a few of my very favorite D.C. and Hollywood Donkey Dicks. Click on the image to enlarge. The photo editing and comments are all mine. So without further ado here are some headlines from the world of politics and Hollywood we wish we could read.

Rich B. AKA Greasywrench


Winfred Mann said...

You could keep busy 24/7 with this cast to choose from. Maybe it needs to be a little more difficult: you can only lampoon those with an IQ above 90. That will leave you with less than 100 Liberal in the entire world.

Greasywrench said...

Winfred - you're being quite generous with your IQ estimate. One-hundred libs with an IQ above ninety might be a stretch. Let's be honest and call it a Baker's Dozen. Intelligence and Liberalism has to be the epitome example of an oxymoron.

Neshobanakni said...

NO! Not Marilyn Monroe!