Thursday, December 31, 2009

Domestic Violence - There Is No Excuse...EVER!

My good friend Brett at Burning Toast, who's a fellow Conservative, Rocker, blogger, and all-around good guy sent me an email with a link yesterday concerning a horrible tragedy. It hit him close to home because it was something that happened to a family of a friend. It concerns a case of domestic violence taken to a horrible conclusion. Children were also victimized here and that makes it an even worse kind of Hell.

I don't want to sound like I'm on my soapbox but maybe we've become a little too insulated to personal tragedy because of the constant barrage of violence in our culture, games, and in our entertainment. But when it happens to someone you know it really hits home. Please read the links above and below to learn more.

This tragic story isn't just another future episode of COPS. It happened to the family of a friend of a friend of mine and it was ugly. Maybe it's become a cliche in our violent society but there is never an excuse for domestic violence. In my life I have learned one thing - domestic violence almost always escalates and the results are very often tragic. Read more below and pray for this family.

One last thing - not having any personal knowledge other than the links I've posted and what I've read on Brett's blog, the info I'm giving you is secondary. But if Brett at Burning Toast tells me something is true - you can take it to the Bank.

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