Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today's Palate Cleanser... Or Is It?

Russia is contemplating altering the course of an Asteroid that may be heading towards Earth by targeting it with Nukes. Here's hoping they don't send Ben Affleck to do the job. I would hate to have my life, and more so, the lives of my Children dependent on a liberal since it's not working out too well here on Earth these days.

Of course I'm referring to the movie Armageddon when I invoked the name of Ben Affleck. I confess I enjoyed the film but according to Dumb Movie Physics, one of my favorite sites that deals with scientific fact vs error, Armageddon is one of the worst movies ever made when it comes to fact. Read their review of some of Hollywood's best and worst here to get some real facts.

Good luck to the Russians with their endeavor. From what we learned after the fall of the former Soviet Union, they weren't so spot-on when it came to accuracy with their ICBM technology. Then again, with Nukes, all you have to do is get close I guess. But with trillions of miles of space, the calculations may just have to be a little more precise. The Yahoo link is below.

In a related link, click here to see what might actually happen should an Asteroid impact the Earth. Special thanks goes to the Discovery Channel for the Impact video.


Winfred Mann said...

This sounds like great fodder for a SF novel. Yet, I wonder about the true purpose of this silly endeavor. Maybe it's an attempt to appear to be a strong nation after all the years of lagging behind because no one there can get a market economy to work.

Greasywrench said...

IMHO they're gonna have to steal or buy the technology to get the job done - just as in the past when it was the USSR. Russia is one giant Kleptocracy these days and it's not the best environment for science. It would be very interesting to see them succeed. I will be watching this but I doubt from what I read I will be alive if and when it comes to fruition.

This ties into my one great wish as a Human Being. I would love to live long enough to see Humankind contact another species. Then again - who would want to know us.

Winfred Mann said...

At least Russian scientists aren't dumb enough to believe in the global warming fraud. They're predicting(as is Woods Hole) that we are entering the next ice-age.

Happy New Year