Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Son: 12/15/88 -

Well I'll be damned! It finally happened. You're now considered by our society an adult with all the responsibilities and privileges that go along with it. Being you're now twenty-one you can walk into a bar and order a beer or a drink. The really wonderful thing is you can't stand the idea of drinking (unlike so many of your peers). You never considered smoking. That's another plus. Thankfully, you had me as a great example of why you shouldn't smoke or drink. One is a smelly habit and both can be life altering! Thank you for not being me when it comes to my bad points.

You don't like Rock-N-Roll but instead you like Rap and Hip-Hop. I can live with that. While I like pro Boxing, you're a huge fan of WWE, and that's fine with me too. We both like the Indianapolis Colts, Peyton and Eli Manning, the Lakers, the Dodgers, and Angels. That's cool. When it comes to some things, in many ways you are me, despite my sometimes bad examples. At least you've picked up my good habits. Thank you.

I do hope I have instilled in you the love of your Country, respect for God, authority, family, and adults. If any of my teachings have taken hold, then your Mother and I will live forever through you and your wonderful Sister.

It's been twenty-one years since the delivery room nurse brought you out to me and exposed the three little goodies under the blanket and said "you have a boy" making me the happiest man on Earth. I'm so proud of you and all you have achieved in spite of the roadblocks life has given you. I love you Michael John and Happy Birthday.



Burnt Toast said...

Hey you old coot, what a wonderful ode to your son! Sounds like he has turned out to be a fine gentleman and I'm sure dear old dad had a thing or two to do with that.

Raising a child these days is a tricky business and you should be proud of yourself because babies don't come with an owners manual and the best thing you can do is not to repeat the mistakes made by your parents. At least that's what my dad always said to me.

Good one Rich. Although your son is probably embarrassed as hell. Awww dad!!

Greasywrench said...

Thanks Brett. As I type, his Mother is out getting him a PS3. That ought to keep him busy for a while.

Man oh man where did the years go?