Monday, February 15, 2010

Dumb And Dumber - Or Just Plain Dumbshits?

From the corrections department of the New York Times and the Torrance Daily Breeze come these two examples of government waste and plagiarism. Thanks for the NY Times link/post.

Story number one: from the correction page of the NY Times...
"In a number of business articles in The Times over the past year, and in posts on the DealBook blog on, a Times reporter appears to have improperly appropriated wording and passages published by other news organizations.

The reporter, Zachery Kouwe, reused language from The Wall Street Journal, Reuters and other sources without attribution or acknowledgment."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but why is the word "plagiarize" NOT mentioned anywhere in the NY Times corrections page I'm referring to in the article above? I see words and expressions such as "improperly appropriated wording" and "reused language" but nowhere is the correct term plagiarism mentioned. One would think that the suits in charge at the Old Grey Bitch would have learned their lesson after Maureen Dowd borrowed a few articles last year and of course, the Jayson Blair fiasco.

The NY Times should be the first, and I mean the first in the literary world to recognize the necessity to be up front and honest about plagiarism considering their past track record. It seems not. Instead they cover their far-left asses and use code words to obfuscate lazy and dishonest reporting. Why am I not surprised? It seems Politicians and Newspapers have to be caught red-handed in order to fess up their transgressions.

Story number two: from the City of Los Angeles via the Daily Breeze Newspaper...
By Troy Anderson Staff Writer
Posted: 02/14/2010 09:38:02 PM PST
"Los Angeles County may be drowning in red ink, but at least it won't be coming from $40 fountain pens anymore. And county bureaucrats will no longer be able to sweep costly mistakes under $131 floor mats.

Shocked to learn public employees have been able to choose between fancy fountain pens and 24-cent ballpoints, county officials are eliminating thousands of high-ticket items from the official office supplies catalog."

Of course I'm not surprised about this waste. What really scares me is the waste from the nitwits downtown that we don't know about. The City of Los Angeles (along with the State) is bleeding red ink and on the verge of bankruptcy and these assholes are pulling shit like this. Any day now I expect to hear Mayor Villaragoso make a "let them eat cake" statement.

I seriously don't think I've spent $40.00 for the Bic pens I used during my entire school career. Of course they were .19 cents during the late sixties and early seventies. And that includes two years of Community College for a worthless A.S. degree. And $131.00 for floor mats? Incredible! I've also read that L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas spent over $700,000 for an office renovation. But... we keep returning the same wasteful shit-stains back to office year after year so it is true - we get what we deserve (and elect). I'll be voting a straight anti-incumbent ticket in all future elections until these wankers can show some fiscal responsibility.

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