Friday, February 5, 2010

From The Pages Of Jammie Wearing Fool ...

come these horrific stories of Muslim Honor Killings!

It's a cold rainy day here in the South Bay of Los Angeles. I eagerly await Sunday and the Superbowl but have been spending this morning reading various blogs about things more important than a football game. I've visited the sites of Frontpagemag, Hotair, Jammiewearingfool, Red Alerts (yes - I am a born again Conservative) among other blogs and wonder why the World, with the exception of the Conservative sites mentioned above, has abandoned these Women to the murderous hands of Islamic fundamentalists. Is this an issue of Humanity or Religion? I think all decent people know the answer to that question.

Honor my Ass! From JammieWearingFool's weblog come the stories of Muslim Honor killings that make me want to scream out "how can these men be allowed to exist and do these horrible things to women"? Where are the voices of NOW, Code Pink, and other feminist groups? I read the stories of these "honor killings" and then they (along with the lives of these women and children) disappear from the web. What a mockery of such a meaningful word as "honor". How can a religion so pervert the minds of Men that they violate one of the fundamental precepts of humanity and kill their children and wives - all in the name of Allah? Who will speak up for these victims of fundamentalist Islamic murderers?

I realize I've done nothing more here but raise a series of questions but what else can one do? While the world continues to fall all over themselves insisting Islam is a religion of peace these kind of killings continue on a regular basis. Some have even occurred here in the U.S., but have been to a large part been ignored by the Lame Stream Media. How long will Humanity continue to justify and rationalize the murders of the most vulnerable ones of all - women and children? When are we going to reach a tipping point? I get sick and pissed-off every time I read these stories. Don't let these women and children be ignored or forgotten.

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