Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Hags Bags Frauds of NOW Are Exposed (again)

The far-left in general and the feminists of NOW in particular have gotten themselves worked up to a frenzy over the Tim Tebow spot that will appear in this Sunday's Superbowl Ad lineup. If the fake feminists and so-called pro-choice advocates ever had any credibility in the past, they've shredded the last few layers over this Sunday's Ad. Tim Tebow's Mother did exactly what NOW supposedly advocates and made a choice twenty-three years ago. She chose life at the risk of her own. And the hypocrites of NOW, along with other far-left advocates of abortion are upset about it. It's a case of the tail chases dog or something.

I suggest the people who support abortion be intellectually honest and change their moniker to Pro-Death. At least they would have some credibility. Consider how one side calls itself Pro-Life and the opposite group refers to itself as Pro-Choice (as opposed to Pro-Death) which would be more accurate.

Have the Hags of NOW had a sneak preview of the commercial? If so, then they need to re-brand themselves the movement of Pro-Abortion instead of Pro-Choice. Tim Tebow's Mother chose life and it has them going crazy. WTF! She made a choice you assholes! Now have some integrity and support her or else STFU! It's your logic - not mine.

And if they haven't seen the ad then it's just a simple case of not believing in the First Amendment since they don't want the ad shown at all. Don't bother with presenting a logical argument - just stop the debate completely! Don't allow any dissenting viewpoints. How about burning a few books while you're at it?

Once again - this is their logic, not mine. Either way one looks at the situation, the feminists and far-left once again end up looking like assholes and hypocrites with their Pretzel Logic working at full speed.

Final thoughts: it doesn't matter if you're Pro-life or Pro-Choice - the progressives and feminists are making complete fools out of themselves on this issue. It's a Sarah Palin redux all over again. Here's a Woman who played by their (feminists) rules and they repudiate her.

Choice my ass! It's all about politics and you phonies know it! At least have the balls (or ovaries) to admit it and maybe, just maybe, you can regain a little credibility. I won't hold my breath until it happens.

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