Monday, April 30, 2012

He's One Cool President.. He Really Is!

One Cool Dude
 April 30, 2012...
Greasywrench Press Service...
Hollyweird CA. USA...

Much ado has been made out by our media and its obsession with the "coolness" of President Omama. The President has made it a pattern of showing up on late-night television and prime-time over his first three and a half years to reinforce the image of "coolness". Well now it seems the Prez is going to be making an appearance on Dancing With The Stars to cement his image once and forever.

In the photo pictured here we get a sneak preview of Omama in the nifty outfit he plans to wear. There was no mention of who his dancing partner would be. "We'll just have to watch to find out who it is" Said congresswoman Nancy Pelousy when she learned of Omama's appearance on the popular show.

Meanwhile, the "Fast And Furious" congressional investigation continues to go.... NOWHERE!

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