Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Elizabeth Warren AKA Faux-Cahontas - You Lie!

No, this isn't another Joe Wilson post. I hit that one once already. This is about Elizabeth Warren, the democrat who's currently running against Scott Brown of Massachusetts for U.S. Senator. Warren has gotten herself into a "situation" after self-identifying as a Cherokee years ago to qualify for minority status at Harvard. Now she's trying to walk that one back. What's the old saying - "if it looks like shit, smells like shit, then it must be Ward Churchill"  

The real fun lies in watching her campaign try and spin this shit-sandwich she made for herself and weasel out of her bullshit story. Oh those zany fucking democrats and their nonsense - they're a laugh riot!

As I posted on Hot Air this morning, if Elizabeth Warren wants to prove any Indian blood at all, all she has to do is provide a name, tribe, and do some simple research. I found and documented my Cherokee family on my Paternal side quite easily. I also had my Grandfather's BIA number which helped tremendously. I then wrote to the Cherokee Nation headquarters in Oklahoma and was provided the family documents for a twenty-dollar fee. But I don't really need the "official" Cherokee Nation paperwork. As young children my Brothers and Sisters and I were told all about our heritage and to be proud of all of our family ties.

This kind of Native American posing has happened with progressives before. Could it be another form of self-loathing? White guilt? Or is it just plain bullshit? Nahh - it's just another wrench in the democratic toolbox of sleazy political tricks. Same shit - different pile.

Ward Churchill, another progressive poser, pulled this shit for years until he finally got caught. He was also proven to be an academic fraud and he lost his teaching position at the University of Colorado. The only thing genuine about Churchill is his deception. Another curious fact about Ward was; once he was exposed as a fake he suddenly became disdainful of Indian documents and referred to them as "poodle papers".

And why do I get so pissed about this particular case - because being one-quarter Cherokee and having the genealogical research and documents from the Cherokee Nation to prove it makes Warren's claims self-serving and fraudulent. Unlike Elizabeth Warren, I don't wear my heritage on my sleeve and have NEVER used it on a job or educational application as Ms Warren has done. I'm also half Irish and one-quarter German but when it comes to identifying myself I'm an American! Now Ms Warren may actually be 1/32 Cherokee as she claims - but a minority? I ain't buying the shit she's selling.

And to all of the other Native American posers of the world - I know who I am and my family history. And, unlike Elizabeth Warren - I know the truth.


Anonymous said...

When Dick(head) Blumenthal was running for senator in CT he was found to have lied about serving in Vietnam. He was still elected. Truth isn't important for progressives, only power.

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Blumenthal was one of the first politicians that came to mind when the "Indian Blood" story about Warren came to light. I did a series of "doctored" images of Blumenthal a couple of years ago here making the very same point. And about three or four years ago I trashed Ward Churchill for the same thing.

What outraged me isn't the fact that Warren claimed Indian bloodlines. Millions of Americans have Indian bloodlines. It's the fact she "used" it to political and career advantage then tried to walk away from an inconvenient truth when she was exposed. Then her people tried a reversal and take-down by accusing the Brown campaign of "sexism".

Live by the sword - die by the sword.