Monday, April 23, 2012

She's Breatakingly Stupid!

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And to think this pathetic Botox riddled hag was only two heartbeats away from being President. All the more reason to have protected Biden and Omama until they're given their walking papers.

Of course I'm talking about Nancy Pelousy. Today she was once again the "gift that keeps on giving" when it comes to ridiculous statements. She actually said she "wished they (the poor) could earn more (money) so they could pay more taxes". Only a democrap would advocate raising taxes on someone (poor folks) once they began to get ahead financially and escaped poverty. If anything ever illustrated the stark difference between the Republicans and democraps and their philosophy on economics this is it.

In other words, according to Nancy, the taxpayers in America exist to supply the government and not the other way around as that pesky old document The U.S. Constitution asserts. Fuck - I must be crazy or something to think otherwise!

One only has to consider this is the woman who ...
1. Thought "five-hundred million" Americans would lose their jobs without the stimulus.
2. Advocated passing Obamacare with the statement "so we could find out what's in it".
3. Thinks unemployment benefits "create jobs".
4. Is too stupid to realize Natural Gas IS a fossil fuel after bashing fossil fuels in favor natural gas. 
5. Supports the "Occupy Wall Street Movement".
I could go on and on but I think I've made my point. What's really outrageous is the woman has a very nice job in the House of Representatives. All the while as Nancy has driveled on about the being a supporter of the Occupy Wall Street movement while failing to mention she is fabulously wealthy in her own right. Holy shit - she IS a one-percenter! Can anyone say hypocrisy?

Of course considering she's from The Peoples Republik Of Kalifornia on the left-coast and being from the Bay Area (San Francisco) is not surprising. That should be a dead give-away as to why this idiot of a politician keeps returning to Congress year after year. In all likely-hood she's gonna have to retire or die to lose her seat in the House. That's the real stupidity tragedy in this case. I can't think of a better reason for term limits than Nancy Pelousy.

Nancy's Stupid Statement Source: Real News Blog

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