Monday, April 23, 2012

Ouf Of The Mouth Of Babs Oft Time Come Gems

Former Douchebag Winner
"I gotta say to the women out there, whether you're Republican or Democrat or Independent, if you're a self-respecting human being, please vote for President Obama, and to the men who care about women, do the same thing"  

Once again Babs has opened up her big fat mouth and made another ridiculous statement. Is she saying those who don't vote for Omama aren't self-respecting human beings? Is she insinuating I don't care about women or their health? My oh my - the demorats are providing conservative sites and blogs a rich and endless source of material. And, as I said about Nancy Pelousy, Babs is the gift that keeps on giving.

Considering that Babs is a former Douchebag Award recipient from The World Of Greasywrench, she once again proves her worthiness. The photo on the left shows Babs receiving her prestigious award several years ago for disrespecting Brig.General Michael Walsh in the famous "Don't call me mam General, I'm Senator and I've earned it" incident. The only thing Babs earned that day was our Douchebag Award. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge and enjoy.

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