Monday, May 28, 2012

RevRearEnd Al "Not So" Sharpton Strikes Again!

Ani-gif by Greasywrench
The RevRearEnd Al Sharpton is at it again ginning up racial animosity between white and black folks. And before ANYONE accuses me of racism because I made this Chimp graphic of Al, remember how many times George W Bush was called and drawn as a Chimp by the far-left douchebags of America. Now on to my post...

This morning on American Thinker I read this story about Al Sharpton and his race hustling pandering ass is once again making reckless and incendiary accusations. Sharpton actually had the balls to claim Republicans are trying to "wipe out black people". Coming from a man who is directly responsible for the deaths of several White and Hispanic people the statement is breathtakingly stunning in its hypocrisy. Then again it is Al Sharpton AKA an American democrat. Need I say more?

The fact that Sharpton made this absurd statement isn't the issue here. Al Sharpton says ridiculous and racist shit all the time and has made a career along with a wonderful living out of it. The problem is he gets away with this crap over and over and no one in the far-left dominated media calls him on his shit. EVER!

Remember - this type of self-righteous puke and drivel is coming from a man who has blood on his hands. He's already arguably responsible for the deaths of eight people at the Freddie's Fashion Mart fire via his agitating and anti-semitism in Harlem. Al also played a large part in the Crown Heights Riots that ended in the death of Yankel Rosenbaum by stirring up anti-semitism and racial animosity. And as he often does, the RevRearEnd Al just washed his hands and walked away from these deaths and claimed he played no part. Does anyone see a pattern here? Al is a blatant fucking racist and yet the democrat media never calls him on it. He's even been rewarded with a slot on PMS-NBC.

More of Al's Douchebaggery: I guess I could/should throw in the Tawana Brawley case for good measure. This is the false rape incident that brought Sharpton to the public's attention in 1987. Al knowingly supported a phony story of rape and racism (again) that was later proven in court to be fraudulent. As always, Al just walked away with no accountability or apologies. When he was ordered to pay damages by the court for falsely accusing local prosecutor Steven Pagones of playing a part in the abduction and rape Al still was unrepentant. Lawyer Johnnie Cochran and others payed the $65,000.00 fine for Sharpton. Once again Al crawled away with no consequences.

Over and over in his career as a race-hustler and far-left pimp Al Sharpton has been responsible for death and destruction and time and time again has never had to pay a price. Sooner or later there WILL come a time when Al Sharpton DOES pay. How it will happen is anyone's guess. Perhaps someone will get tired of his shit and put a bullet in his fat head. Maybe he'll go just a bit too far and bite off more than he can chew and finally be legally held accountable. But - justice is coming for this scumbag and it can't come soon enough for me. This fucker is despicable and I eagerly await the day when his karma bites him in his big fat ass. Until that day comes I'll just have to create some more animated gifs and cartoons.


Robert Hewes said...

The crimes that he encouraged are only a small part of the wreckage he brought on humanity. He claims Republicans are trying to wipe out blacks, but his advocacy for the status quo is what's really hurting the black community. That race-baiting poverty pimp is guaranteeing that future generations of blacks are locked into a cycle poverty, dependence, and grief, all so he can snag a modicum of political power.

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Amen on that Robert! IOW, he's part of the problem instead of being part of the solution.

CharlieDelta said...

Another piece of shit! You've got a few this weekend Greasywrench. So many pieces of shit, so little time huh?

As much as I would love to be the trigger man behind the rifle that paints the sidewalk red with "Rev" Al's racist pea brain, that will only make him a martyr in the "black community." I'm actually surprised that someone hasn't already opened his mind for him.

But I would rather see on the news that he was trampled by a mob of angry blacks on a violent looting spree that he incited, or to read in the paper that he was crushed to death by an 18-wheeler hauling a shitload of Nabisco CRACKERS!!

One of those poetic justice kinda "accidents" that would give me a deep belly laugh for days, ya know? He's racked up so much contempt in the last 30+ years of his shitty existence, there would have to be a lottery drawing for the millions lining up to be the first one to piss on his grave.

Greasywrench AKA rich b said...

Nabisco "Crackers" - Fucking great.